Fish dishes

Grilled monkfish

Monkfish with seafood a la marinera

Rape young garlic sauce

Monkfish with iberian han shavings

Monkfish skewer

Monkfish skewer with prawns

Fish skewer

Grilled hake

Basque-style hake

Hake young garlic sauce

Hake supreme with iberian ham shavings

Grilled sole

Sole a la Meuniere

Filet of sole a la Carihuela Chica

Grilled swordfish

Rioja-style cod

Salmon with dill or green pepper sauce

Grilled squid with potatoes and salad (100 gr.)

Tuna cooked with oinions

Bluefin tuna Almadraba (100gr)

Ventresca Bluefin tuna trap (100gr)